The IoT Hackathon Lisbon will be held at Lisboa Congress Centre (CCL) from 8AM to 8PM on June 16th and 17th. Thursday, June 18th, the IoT solutions will be evaluated and there will be an award ceremony within the scope of the IoT Week 2015 Lisbon.

IoT Hackathons are melting pots of hands-on innovation and excellence where the IoT tech wizards create the magnificent IoT solutions.

Participants at the IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon are mainly students from the most renowned tech Universities in Portugal and Europe as well as practitioners of IoT-related labs from Portuguese and European Industry, SMEs and academia/institutes. 

The IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon will be an open event for the general public with high visibility and great coverage from the press. The IoT Hackathon is being promoted by UNINOVA, FCT-UNL and the IoT-Forum and is organised with local support of the FCT-UNL Electrical and Computer Engineering Students' Group.

The IoT Hackathon is a competition where teams will develop a prototype of an IoT solution in 48 hours (24 of these will not be on site, teams will have on site access during the opening hours of the CCL). Teams are composed of up to three developers + 1 host (which will explain to the public/media what they are trying to do, added value and innovation of the solution, etc).

Teams will be evaluated by a group of notables from the IoT world (attending IoT Week).

Awarded teams will be acclaimed inside the main morning session of the IoT Week!

During the days of IoT Hackathon several organisations will present their IoT solutions inside a properly equipped room, inside the IoT Hackathon area. This area is designed to accommodate 150 people.  These events will be open to all attendees.

Several of the most important stakeholders in the IoT domain will be in Lisbon and will take part in the Hackathon (visiting, judging, participating). This will provide an unequal opportunity for the participating teams to showcase their innovative ideas to the most notable European professionals.

The event will have an outstanding media coverage and is being disseminated by a professional communication and marketing team. This will give grand visibility to the participating teams and their original IoT solutions.

If you would like to sponsor the IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon and get an opportunity to host a workshop please contact us at

This will be your space 1200m2 just for IoT Hackathon:




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At the beginning of the event all teams will have the opportunity to choose technologies from all Hackathon’s sponsors – from the IoT Hackathon warehouse

The IoT Hackathon 2015 Warehouse is full of sponsored technological items. 

  • The teams need to use at least one technology of those inside IoT Warehouse.
  • The use of more technologies will give extra points to the teams in the competition.
  • The more technologies and well implemented from our partners the teams use the more points the teams will get.

There are sponsored prizes: e.g. IBM prize for the best IoT project using Bluemix™, etc. Evaluation Process: Teams will be evaluated by a group of notables from the IoT world (attending IoT Week) Awarded teams will be acclaimed inside the main morning session of the IoT Week !!!



Participants must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to participate.

Teams of up to three developers/hackers (who will develop the IoT solution) + 1 host (which will explain to the public/media what the team is trying to achieve


Participation in the IoT Hackathon requires the creation of a new solution (in the form of a working prototype) that fits into the context of the Internet-of-Things.

The teams need to use at least one technology of those inside IoT Warehouse.

To register in this event as a team you only need to fill this form: until May 31st, 2015.


Hackathon Sponsors


$8,491 in prizes

SenZations Summer School 2015 (4)

The winners have the opportunity to be seven days at the 10th IoT Summer School in Belgrade (
Registration and airplane ticket included!


1st Prize : 1,115$ (1000€)
2nd Prize : 837$ ( 750€)
3rd Prize : 558$ ( 500€)

Bitalino Board Kit

Libelium Full Kit

Zolertia Discovery Pack

Include an advance user to manage the data over the cloud from

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

To register in this event as a team you only need to fill this form:

If you wish to sponsor the event, you will have the opportunity to do a workshop/lecture at the same time as Hackathon, fill free to contact us



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Pedro Maló

Pedro Maló
Professor, Researcher and Entrepreneur

Rui Costa

Rui Costa
CEO @ Ubiwhere

Martin Serrano

Martin Serrano
Adjunct Lecturer at Insight-Galway

Alexander Gluhak

Alexander Gluhak
Technology Strategist, Principle Investigator for Internet of Things project at Intel Labs

Franck Le Gall

Franck Le Gall
CTO @ Easy Global Market

Bruno Almeida

Bruno Almeida
CEO @ Unparallel Innovation

Gonçalo Costa Andrade

Gonçalo Costa Andrade
Director of Cloud Division @IBM

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and innovation
    How original (new, inventive) and innovative (novel idea, more effective) is the IoT solution?
  • Design and interface
    How practical, intuitive and novel is the design and interface of the proposed IoT application?
  • Usefulness/Practicality
    How useful (able to be used advantageously, beneficially) and practical (capable, suitable) is the IoT solution?
  • Business Potential
    What is the potential of the IoT solution to go to the market, to go to commercialisation?
  • Technical implementation
    How elegant and effective is the technical approach and the implementation of the IoT solution?

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