The generic rules are the following:

  • Participation in the IoT Hackathon requires the creation of a new solution (in the form of a working prototype) that fits into the context of the Internet-of-Things.
  • The IoT Hackathon does not serve to sell products or existing solutions but rather to make known the organizations/people through its innovation capabilities in the Internetof-Things concept.
  • Make available a team of up to 3+1: up to 3 developers/hackers (who will develop the IoT solution) + 1 host (which will explain to the public/media what the team is trying to achieve).
  • Each team will take proper care of its own space, promoting itself and its project using what they please (banners, leaflets, roll-ups, TVs, ornamental elements, etc.) provided that it is confined to their designated area. A prize exists for the most attractive hacking environment!

Note: The organization of the IoT Hackathon does not take ownership of any type (industrial/intellectual) in the solutions/prototypes developed during the event!

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